If you have not lost the spirit of adventure and want to test the strength at a festive and pleasant atmosphere of the competition, so we offer you a participation in the various French regattas.


Regatta is a sporting and nautical event at a friendly atmosphere; it’s to work together as a team. It is an invaluable experience, as well as immersion in one of the regions of France (Normandy, Brittany and Corsica).


West France

West France is a fantastic regatta, which is held in mid-April in the Bay of Quiberon. Based on La Trinité-sur-Mer (south of Brittany), a popular bastion of French regattas takes the whole audience, from professionals to amateurs. Participation is in all types of boats, yachts single body type or IRC. This regatta is a sufficiently high level, where much attention is paid to the competitive aspect. Several days before are required for preparation. 

Channel ports

This tour is held in mid-July. Mobile Regatta (every night set at different ports) that lets you know the Cotentin (Granville, Barneville-Carteret, Dielet, Scherbur) and the Channel Islands (Jersey). For the amateur level. This regatta is known for its pleasant atmosphere and cultural aspects, as it will allow you to discover a real and beautiful region of France.


The Tour du Finistère

It starts it the beginning of August. Magnificent coastal regatta is ideal for exploring the beaches of Brittany (stops at the Roscoff, Aber Vrash, Camaret, Douarnenez and Port la Forêt). Every night you will have a unique opportunity to visit the beautiful Breton holidays. The price includes a night navigation of the vessel. 

Mediterranean trophy

It’s at the end of July and in the beginning of September. A stunning regatta between the southern coast of Corsica and Sardinia is on yachts of all types. Regatta-journey goes through the coastal routes, with stops at various ports of Corsica or Sardinia (Ajaccio, Bonifacio, Santa Teresa, La Maddalena, and so on). It’s a great opportunity to spend the summer in an atmosphere of celebration and sunny mood.



Mid-October. This cruise includes a walk along the coast of Corsica (250 miles) without landings, from the port of Bonifacio, from 2 to 3 days without overnight stays. For participation in the navigation experience is required of the participants. Several days are required for preparation.


Our services "turnkey", include:

  • Rent and insurance of the vessel
  • Registration and administrative matters related to the regatta
  • Transfer of passengers from the airport to the venue of the race and back to the beginning and end of journey
  • Training and participation in the regatta, accompanied by skipper
  • Nutrition

Additional payments:

  • Rental of costumes to participate in the regatta
  • Booking rooms in hotel
  • Booking plane tickets
  • Visa and insurance